A United Voice Queensland Campaign:

Working for a better life for teacher aides and school cleaners.

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Teacher Aide EBA

The 2016 school year is well and truly underway which means making sure your school is meeting all the requirements of the Teacher Aide EBA is vital. Day 8 has passed which means consultation meetings should be taking place to discuss and inform each of you of the maximisation process, which gives you the option to work 30 hours per week for the first time. To find out where this important process is at in your school talk to your United Voice Delegate. 

Budget Wrap-Up

There was some bad news from the Federal Budget in the education and health sectors, including a $466 million cut for education in Queensland according to State Treasurer Curtis Pitt. Continue reading

Bring On The Vote

As you all know, we have fought long and hard for the reinstatement of the rights and conditions taken away by the former LNP Government as part of our Public and Proud campaign. Now, a bill that could bring back those rights is before the Parliament. Unfortunately, the committee addressing the bill is made up of half ALP and half LNP MPs – and we don’t know if it will pass. We need that bill passed and we need it done soon so we can reinstate fair working conditions for teacher aides and school cleaners. Continue reading