Teacher aides and school cleaners are an important part of every school community in Queensland. After the LNP Government came to power, important legislative rights were taken away from them. 

Teacher aides and school cleaners fought back. In their hundreds, they protested. They joined delegations to travel to MPs and candidates and asked them to pledge to join the fight for their rights and conditions. 1000 members came to State School Alliance meetings across the state. They ensured thousands of people signed petitions for the reinstatement of their rights.

And, it worked. 

The LNP Government, while still in power, pledged not to outsource school cleaner jobs. Labor Candidates went a lot further than that, pledging to reinstate the rights and conditions taken away under the LNP.

When Labor won power, 38 of the 44 MPs to win seats had signed one of our pledges to reinstate rights and conditions. 

Now, we need them to honour those promises. 

Teacher aides and school cleaners are fighting for:

- A liveable wage. A fair method of distributing hours to those who need them, via maximisation of hours. 

- A manageable workload. Teacher Aides and School Cleaners need regulated workloads that are manageable and allow them to perform their work to the best possible standard.

- Job security. Teacher aides and school cleaners need legally binding commitments that their jobs will not be outsourced.

-Permanency. Teacher aides and school cleaners need the certainty of permanent roles, not casual or temporary, to be able to secue a reliable income.


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