Claim Delivered to Dept Education

United Voice teacher aide delegates and officials delivered your claim for a 3.5% pay increase to the Department of Education recently.

Your union also wrote to the Minister for Education, John Paul Langbroek, informing him of the claim. Click here to access a copy of the letter.


A 3.5% pay rise is fair and reasonable. It is equal to the average pay increase received by federal public servants and is just above the cost of living increases in Brisbane. It’s also much more modest than the pay rise the Premier and State MPs received earlier this year.

Delivering your pay claim is one thing. Negotiating it is another.

As you know, we cannot commence a new certified agreement unless a new modern award has been created. This will not happen before your agreement expires on August 31st. This means your current agreement will be rolled over for up to twelve months becoming a “continuing agreement”. The Government can simply determine what pay increase you receive, if any. Although the Government has removed your right to negotiate your pay outcome in this situation, your union will make sure your need for a decent pay increase is heard loud and clear.

In the meantime, your conditions of employment remain under threat. Later this week, we’ll send you more information on how your conditions are affected by a “continuing agreement” as opposed to a new agreement.

Click here to access our latest Education Newsletter.

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  • commented 2017-06-02 23:14:47 +1000
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