Letter from Langbroek and Our Response

As you may be aware, a letter from Minister for Education John-Paul Langbroek was circulated to school principals on Friday. 

To read his letter, click here.

To read our response, click here.

Finally, we have received a firm guarantee that school cleaner jobs will not be outsourced.

“That is why the Newman Government will not outsource school cleaners in Queensland state schools during the remainder of this term of government, or in the future should we be fortunate enough to secure a second term.”

Previous wording around the issue stated the Government would guarantee school cleaner jobs for the term of the current agreement and had ‘no plans’ to outsource school cleaner jobs. That’s a long way from a firm guarantee they wouldn’t.

The letter and commitment shows that our Public and Proud campaign has moved the Government, and it’s not surprising.

In recent months:

  • Hundreds of teacher aides and school cleaners have formed nearly 50 delegations to meet with local MPs and Candidates.

  • 7600 people have signed a petition supporting the reinstatement of rights and conditions for teacher aides and school cleaners.

  • Hundreds have turned out for joint-union education meetings, with many more to come (to see upcoming dates, click here).

To get the guarantee around school cleaner outsourcing is a major win, but our fight is not over yet.

 We know that school cleaner jobs are planned to be outsourced in two new schools built by public-private partnership and due to open next year. We need the Minister to reverse that decision and guarantee that those jobs are not outsourced to private contract companies.

In his letter, the Minister also makes comments about conditions of employment. He says:

"Accordingly, I want to make it crystal clear that this Government has no plans to make any changes to the current employment arrangements for school cleaners and teacher aides."

This is simply not true.

The Government has already made changes to conditions of employment, making it harder for you to have a say on job security, workload management, maximisation, gaining permanency and more.

It’s ridiculous for the Government to pass legislation removing scores of conditions and rights, and then to pretend that the legislation has no work to do and is of no effect.

It’s important that we all stay active in the fight for the reinstatement of your rights and conditions. As the Minister’s letter shows, we are being heard.


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