Keep school cleaners public and proud

School cleaners are an integral part of our school community. They are the first to greet students in the morning and the last ones they say good bye to before they go home.

They do so much more than ensuring there is a safe, healthy and hygienic environment for children to learn in. They are the people we know and trust to keep our schools and children safe.

When school cleaning was privatised in Victoria, it was a disaster. An audit of 45 schools found that 50% of school cleaners were underpaid, 1 in 4 said they didn't have enough time to get their work done, equipment and chemical stock was low with 1 in 5 using the same mops for toilets as other areas.

We can’t let this happen in Queensland.

Will you take part in a delegation to politicians seeking a commitment on school cleaners job security? Please click here

The Newman Government maintains that there will be no outsourcing of school cleaning during the lifetime of their Certified Agreement. This Agreement expires in January 2015, so what happens then? Campbell Newman refuses to give a commitment on privatisation post January.

Furthermore he refuses to meet with school cleaners to discuss the matter. Click here to read Mr Newman's response to our 7,600 strong petition which our school cleaners delivered to him and the Education Minister John Paul Langbroek. We've also responded to Campbell Newman's letter. Click here to view this response.

School cleaners' are determined to fight for their jobs and will not be ignored by this government. Support our school cleaners, click here to visit our Facebook page and help us keep school cleaners public and proud.