The Education Survey

This year, both Teacher Aides and School Cleaners will be negotiating new Certified Agreements.

There’s still work to do to make sure the new Labor Government delivers on their promise to change laws so our conditions can once again be protected in our Agreements but we believe this will happen in time for negotiations to commence.       

Have Your Say

Let us know what is important to you by completing this survey ( click here)

The survey takes around five minutes to complete and contains 32 questions. Please note: questions 18-22 are for teacher aides only, 23-24 are for school cleaners only. The rest of the questions are for all respondents.

Your answers will help your Industry Committee decide what claims are taken to the bargaining table with the Department of Education. Union members will be asked to endorse those claims before we commence negotiations.

Your individual answers to the survey will remain confidential to United Voice. Only collated responses will be shared with the Department and no individual or school will be identified without your permission.

It is important that you provide your name when completing the survey so we can be sure that only one survey is completed per person and so we can follow up with you if we need more information about your responses.


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